This exhibition at the Children’s Art Museum of Nepal celebrates the creativity

and energy of all the people involved in the workshops during the Kathmandu

Triennale 2017 Education Outreach.

Kathmandu Triennale is Nepal’s largest contemporary art event which happens

every 3 years. This is an initiative by Siddhartha Arts Foundation. The opening

edition of Kathmandu Triennale (KT 2017) took place from 24 March to 9 April at

multiple venues around Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Over 60 artists from 30+

countries created 100+ artworks.

KT 2017 Education Outreach Program was designed to share the creative process of

the artists and the artworks at KT 2017 with a diverse and wider population of

people who have had little exposure to contemporary art. The programs were

designed by the organization, Srijanalaya, with the following goals in mind:

 Encourage people to think about the role of arts in their lives and expand

people’s perceptions of art

 Create excitement around KT 2017 among children, young adults, educators,

and families

 Prepare people for a meaningful engagement in KT 2017

Approximately 3000 individuals were involved in the outreach activities leading up

to, during, and after the exhibition.

In addition to reaching out to schools and communities in Kathmandu Valley –

Bhaktapur, Kirtipur, Lalitpur, and Kathmandu – our outreach partners went to

districts outside the Valley - Mugu, Sindhupalchowk, Dhading, Dolakha, and Jhapa.

During the exhibitions of the KT 2017 artists, community spaces were created in

three of the larger venues – Nepal Art Council, Patan Museum, and Taragaon

Museum. These spaces were run by our community coordinators and were open to

both walk-ins as well as structured group activities. Guided tours and workshops

were conducted across the two weeks of the exhibitions.

Bal Sahitya Mahotsav & Rato Bangala Kitaab supported the creation of a reading

corner. They lent the illustrations of Santa Hitang and Promina Shrestha, which

were put on display at Patan Museum and Nepal Art Council. Room to Read Nepal

provided about 100 titles of books at each reading corner. You will find a reading

corner here at the Children’s Art Museum as well.

Outreach partners:

Art Fiction


Bindu A Space for Artists

Bookbus Nepal

Children’s Art Museum of Nepal

Drawing Room Ktm

Enlightening Young Souls

Ka Baata

Karnali Arts Centre

Lasanaa/Ashmina Ranjit

Niranjan Kunwar, Educator

Nritya Aagan

Supathya : Learning to Care

The following individuals and groups conducted workshops during KT2017.

KUArt 4 th Year Students

Audrey Abraham, art instructor

Children’s Art Museum of Nepal

Drawing Room Ktm

Prathma Raghavan, development psychologist

Kathmandu Interschool Arts


Muna Gurung, Katha Satha